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Dear Colleague,

This is an invitation to you and your colleagues to participate in the upcoming 2019 International Olefin and Polyolefin Conference (IOPC) in Ningbo, China, March 19-22, 2019.  The IOPC was designed to exchange innovative ideas and new information among experts, gathering researchers from industry, scientists and academicians, as well as polyolefin industry leaders where research findings are presented. In just three years, IOPC has established a reputation as a premier international polyolefin conference with over 300 participants in each year.  The global conference is jointly organized by Townsend Solutions (TS) Houston, USA, and Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC) Beijing, China.


The theme of the 2019 conference is “Sustainability of Polyolefin Industry–Technology Developments”.  The term “sustainable development” was first defined in a 1987 report entitled “Our Common Future” by the United Nations.  Subsequent to the Paris Agreement and China’s decision to stop buying plastics recycles, the sustainability movement is sweeping across all industries and all over the globe.  While “sustainability” frequently addresses energy and environment, it is actually far more encompassing.  It is also intertwined with circular economy and business growth.  The agenda is broad, and the context profound.


For the polyolefin industry, technology is central to its sustainability.  The 2019 IOPC conference will address the technological advancements on three fronts: feedstock, polymerization, and fabricated products. For example,

1. Research is advancing in providing economical and clean feedstocks;

2. New and efficient catalysts are being developed to provide exceptional physical properties allowing the light-weighting of fabricated structures, and,

3. Development of improved fabricating methods for easy, lower-energy processing and the use of recyclable products.


The first day March 20 is the general session, where industry leaders will address key issues, including a “new order” that is emerging.  The second day has three concurrent tracks; namely, feedstock, polymerization, and products/applications.  The third day is a visit to an operation in the Ningbo Industrial complexes – among the largest and the most advanced in China.  


Topics covered will include: conversion of methane to ethylene, methanol-to-olefins (MTO), propylene dehydrogenation (PDH), alpha-olefin catalysts, polyolefin catalysts, catalysts business, new polymerization process developments, specialty product development, and bioplastics.  


Our speakers are internationally-renowned experts from both academia and the petrochemical industry, hailing from domestic and overseas locations. It is a sterling cast. (See the table below.) 


Please do not miss this great opportunity. We look forward to seeing you in Ningbo.



Dr. Clifford Lee, Townsend Solutions

Email: ;  Mobile: +1 832-276-1101


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