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Please click and kindly read IOPC NOTICE (updated to March 8)

1.Venue and Time for Registration:

March 19, 2018  14:00-20:00    Lobby of Sheraton Ningbo Hotel

March 20, 2018  10:00-21:00   Lobby of Sheraton Ningbo Hotel

March 21, 2018  7:30-8:30     Entrance of Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor


2.Venue and Time for Conference:





March 20th, 2018


Premier Lounge, 3rd Floor


March 21st, 2018


Grand Ballroom ,3rd Floor

SUB FORUM 1: Olefin and Polyolefin Feedstock and Petrochemical

March 22nd, 2018


Premier Lounge, 3rd Floor

SUB FORUM 2:  Polyolefin Polymerization and Catalysts

March 22nd, 2018


Grand Ballroom I, 3rd Floor

SUB FORUM 3: Polyolefin Products and Applications

March 22nd, 2018


Grand Ballroom II, 3rd Floor

Company and University Visit

March 23nd, 2018


Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company (ZRCC);

Ningbo University of Technology


3. Venue and Time for Meal:



Lunch   12:00-14:00

Cafe Soo,1st Floor

Supper  17:30-21:00

Cafe Soo,1st Floor

*Note: Breakfast is free of charge by using Sheraton Ningbo Hotel room card


4. Registration Process and Conference Materials:

Registration Order: Sign in→ pay fees →get invoice (or receipt) → take document pack →check in at hotel reception desk

Materials: 1)Representative card;  2) Meal tickets;  3) Handbook;  4) Other materials.


5. Attention during Conference:

(1)Please wear a representative card to enter the conference and keep quiet in the conference hall; you can turn off your mobile phones and other electronic devices or change them to polite mode during conferences and banquets.

(2)Simultaneous interpretation is available in Chinese and English from March 21st  in the plenary forum. Simultaneous interpretation receiving earphone can be lent by depositing ID card and should be returned. The earphones are set at the desk outside main session room.

(3)Please kindly obey the hotel security rules and pay attention to the emergency access and the safety exit of the hotel and the conference venue; please be calm and strictly obey the evacuation orders for emergency.


6. Visit of Company and University

If you want to visit, please register (Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company, Ningbo University of Technology), and get a ticket.


7. Organizing Committee Contact:


Ms. HU Qin: 86-18601242968   

Mr. REN Yunfeng: 86-13810105416                 

Ningbo University of  Technology       

Prof. FANG Yewen: 86-13566053061


8. Address and Route for Hotel


Address: 50 North Caihong Road, Ningbo, China

Hotel phone: 86- 574- 8768 8688

Traffic (by car): In Ningbo city center;

Ningbo Lishe International Airport 16.3 kilometers (about 26 minutes);

Ningbo Railway Station 4.2 kilometers (about 15 minutes);

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